"We must be willing to relinquish the life we've planned,

so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Joseph Campbell  1904-1987

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The helplessness and hopelessness that accompanies mental, emotional and addiction disorders precludes joy, meaning and satisfaction in life.


    "You Do Not Have To Live That Way"


Emotional distress or crisis is an opportunity to embark on a new path of growth and change.


Your Greatest Self.


Taking the path of self-discovery can lead you to:


  • improve the quality of your relationships

  • improve your self esteem and confidence

  • enhance the process of healing from trauma or loss

  • overcome negative patterns of thinking and feeling

  • repair early attachment ruptures and failures

  • decrease feelings of alienation and isolation

  • find better balance in your personal and professional life

  • improve your creative process





Psychotherapy has been found to be an effective way of reducing depression and anxiety. 

Feeling better about yourself, better able to handle stressful situations, having more satisfying relationships and enjoying better communication with partners, family and friends are just a few of the benefits of psychotherapy and counseling. 




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 If you are experiencing:


  • an overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness

  • a nagging feeling of emptiness and futility

  • conflicting family relationships

  • anxiety, irritability and restlessness

  • difficulties with interpersonal relationships

  • preoccupation with a loss or traumatic event

  • persistent self-doubt and insecurity

  • creative inhibition and paralysis

  • being easily rejected and hurt

  • being lost in your personal and/or career path


Your emotional distress could be associated with:


  • depression

  • anxiety

  • childhood trauma

  • loss and grief

  • blocked creativity

  • difficult life transition

  • cross-cultural transition


From time to time, we all experience situations where we can benefit from the presence and support of another mind to help us better understand and resolve challenging emotional experiences. When you are struggling with an acute crisis, change or loss in your life, or even if you are “only” feeling mild and persistent distress, it can take a toll on your body and mind.


In my 24 years of clinical practice, I have worked extensively with people experiencing various forms of emotional pain. For most, embarking on a path of healing and change by entering psychotherapy is a courageous first step. Beginning psychotherapy takes a leap of faith, to trust someone, to build a new relationship, to think, feel, change and grow. I am committed to working with you to achieve your goals in a spirit of collaboration and acceptance, in a safe, respectful therapeutic environment. 



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